500 g Stearin Bubble!

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500 g Stearin Bubble!
500 g Stearin Bubble!
500 g Stearin Bubble!
500 g Stearin Bubble!
500 g Stearin Bubble!
500 g Stearin Bubble!

100% plant-based, natural material, palm wax.

It is made up of small spheres with a crystalline structure and a milky white color, which are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.
Its melting point is approx. 62-64 °C degrees

1 740 Ft
Bonus point : 17 Ft
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  • 100% plant-based, natural material
  • Biodegradable, does not harm the environment
  • Crystalline structure, milky white color
  • Consists of small spheres


Stearic candle properties:

  • It can only be made using the pouring technique, it is not suitable for dipping
  • Hard, shape-retaining, breaks rather than bends
  • Its preparation is different from the preparation of paraffin candles, it requires more practice and more experimentation
  • It can be colored, but the same dye has a different shade in stearin than in paraffin
  • Not suitable for making scented candles
  • It is not suitable for making a jar candle by itself
  • It burns for a long time, does not soot, does not smoke
  • During its burning, the candle has a thin wall with a lacy pattern, which is extremely spectacular


Stearin as an additive:

  • When mixed with paraffin, it prolongs the burning time of the candle, this is especially recommended when making the core of the carved candle
  • Recommended mixing ratio with paraffin, but it is possible to deviate from this: 10 % stearin - 90 % paraffin
  • More information: https://meselang.hu/sztearingyertya/
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